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A hot guy with a nice tush and a wallet full of …

Okay, kidding. She’s looking for a good guy who she can trust, take care of himself and pick his dirty underwear up off the floor. So how do you capture that in your profile? Be honest about who you are. Give a bit of insight into you and how you’ve gotten there. But don’t overdo it; you need something to talk about on your first date. Leave the reader hanging but give enough to inspire her to make contact with you.

Here’s an example of a poorly written profile:

“SM, 32, employed, likes football. Seeks SF, 24-39, slim, pretty to enjoy the good life.”

Yawnsville!  How about this?

Single male, 32, 6′1″, 190 lbs. I am looking for the company of a single female who can overlook my Sunday Football ritual with the guys and see my passion for great wine and conversation. While I do love to sit around in my favorite sweats with my lucky socks I’ve had since High School I clean up well and enjoy a great night on the town with someone special on my arm. I’m not promising I’ll hit the dance floor with you but could probably be persuaded if you go a round of shots with me at the bar. I love my job and have a dog named Mutt. Pique your interests? Want to know more? Leave me a message and let’s see what happens.

Keep it upbeat and interesting.  A little flirting never hurt!

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I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit due to other responsibilities, but let me just write a rant now on how terrible eHarmony is. I know some people have had luck finding spouses there, but first of all, the men on the site in this area are generally too religious for me, to the point of talking about the Grace of God in their profile. That is a bit much for me (and I doubt they could tolerate an unenlightened “spiritual but not religious” person such as me). But even worse is the fact that after viewing the matches they’re sending me I’m 99% sure that their touted compatibilty/matching algorithm is bogus. Why? Because I was “matched” with a completely fake profile that someone obviously created as a joke. The picture was of Will Farrell and every profile answer lauded the glory of Bud Light. I searched for the “report/flag photo/profile” button that I’ve seen on other sites, but it doesn’t exist on eHarmony. Instead I had to waste my time going through the motions of closing this match as if it were a real match. My time is precious and I don’t appreciate having to spend it on fake matches. Another profile I was matched with supposedly came from a male, but the only accompanying photo was of a Pakistani or Indian woman in traditional garb, and the text was clearly not written by a native English speaker. I think the person filling it out was a bit confused…

I’m almost positive that eHarmony is just sending me completely random profiles as matches, and now they’re consistently sending me completely random people from Iowa, Kentucky, and Indiana, despite me setting a preference of 60 miles max. distance for my match. I really doubt there is any sophisticated matching going on behind the scenes here. The ability of the user to control who they’re matched with is low. I feel that I waste a lot of time looking at and closing matches who are clearly not a good fit for me.

Another issue I have with them is that during the sign-up process and in a subsequent e-mail they mention a “auto-renew” button in the user’s account settings. I wanted to turn this button off so that I didn’t get charged for renewal, but guess what? The button does not exist. Your only option is auto-renew!

I made the mistake of falling for one of their deep discounted subscription offers about a month ago, but I’m going to cancel soon. I’ve read online about some users having problems at the cancellation stage - I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to cancel without incident.

If you plan on meeting your soul mate or simply find some new friends you can try USA online dating sites. Without any doubt here you can find a perfect match and start building a great relationship because the US market for online dating is famous worldwide.

Many single people join every day looking for friends and partners.

USA comprises more than 100 online dating sites and this number is constantly growing. When you think about it that way, you´ll see that choosing the perfect online dating service might be quite difficult sometimes but it´s not impossible. Before making any decision it´s recommended that you take some things into consideration and find the one that suits best your needs.

You can find very useful information reading other people´s testimonials on the site. From that, you´ll know what kind of services they provide and if that´s the right place for you.

For many years, online dating has been the subject of many critics because some people see it as a desperate measure to meet people. That´s not exactly true. Time has passed and people finally understood the importance of websites. Now, people in USA find it very useful but in Africa and Asia people still see it with scepticism.

The technology is ruling our lives and now the Internet is grabbing a big part of our time allowing us to develop friendships and relationships online.

USA online dating sites have many ups and downs. When you enter the website you have to register with an online dating agency and benefit from its services. Remember that many online dating USA agencies are free of any charges. This means that most probably they gain money from somewhere else usually from advertising.

When you decide to use a free service you must be sure that they are among the best in their line of work. The Internet is filled with many sites but what´s the point of using them?

Once you establish your online dating service you´ll appreciate their free dating advising and tips. They´ll show you how o build an interesting profile and post the perfect picture in order to find the perfect match.

Not all dating services offer all that that´s why it will be best for you to find one that has it. Work with the best and you´ll find your love and happiness in no time.

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