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Being single isn’t easy, but finding your perfect match is easier nowadays than it was, say, 20 years ago. Remember back in the day, when your selection pool was limited to classmates, co-workers, friends, blind dates, or worse yet, trying to meet Mr./Ms. Right in a bar or club?

Even though you have better odds of finding true love today, we now have a new problem of an overwhelming selection of online dating sites. Which one do you choose when all the dating sites promise you that true love is just a click away?

First rule of thumb is to steer clear of the “free” dating sites like Plenty of Fish. I’m not talking about free trials either. (They all offer free trials) I’m talking about the 100% free dating sites, where just anyone can join with no background checks or any other safeguards.

The free sites are generally magnets for younger people who aren’t looking for long-term relationships. They are also havens for the worst losers on the planet, so if you decide to try one out, consider yourself forewarned!

To find the best dating sites on your own would take years of research. That’s why I rely on user reviews and comparison sites to lead me in the right direction. A good site is where they feature the top 10 dating sites. The reviewer validates her choices with extensive reviews and also covers some of the “not so great” dating sites like eHarmony.

Another good feature is the hundreds of user reviews (written by people like us) on all the big dating sites. You will get a laugh out of their brutal honesty! If you have experiences with any of the dating sites listed, go ahead and share your review too.


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